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Popmoney  is a very convenient way to pay almost anyone, anywhere, at any time! Use Popmoney to pay your landlord, repay a friend for your portion of a dinner bill, send money to your child away at college or send a gift. These are only a few of the many reasons you can pay someone by using Popmoney. The process uses the recipients email address, mobile number or bank account from their online banking or bill pay site.

  • The process is safe & secure
  • Payments can be sent anywhere within the United States including Hawaii and Alaska
  • You can also request payment via Popmoney
  • Daily and monthly monetary limits do apply
  • The recipient will receive their money in either 1 or 3 days
  • A minimal fee is charged for the 1 or 3 day process
  • The minimal fee is charged to the person sending the money or requesting the payment