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ONE Mortgage Program

Limited availability fixed rate mortgage program for qualified first time homebuyers featuring:

  • Reduced fixed interest rate with no prepayment penalty
  • No points and reduced closing costs
  • Low down payment
  • No mortgage insurance
  • Available for 1-3 family owner occupied properties, including eligible owner occupied condominium units
  • Eligible borrowers may qualify for a no-cost interest subsidy

Program restrictions:

  • Income limitations apply based on property location and household size.
  • Property must be subject to deed restrictions [based on income] and located within the Bank’s CRA market
  • Household members cannot have owned any real estate in the past three years
  • All borrowers/owners must own & occupy the property for the duration of the mortgage

For more information or to see if you qualify, please contact either:

Rich Vernet, Vice President / Loan Origination, NMLS # 486312

Rich Vernet
Vice President / Loan Origination
NMLS # 486312
Direct Line 617-629-3330

Contact Rich V.

Peter Majane, Vice President / Business Operations, NMLS # 486311

Peter Majane
VP / Business Development Services
NMLS # 486311
Direct Line 617-629-3333

Contact Peter M.