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Today's Featured Rates
Residential Mortgage
30 Year Fixed Rate
4.375%4.409% APR
15 Year Fixed Rate
3.375%3.433% APR
10 Year Fixed Rate
3.125%3.209% APR
Residential Mortgage
5/1 ARM 30 Year
3.125%2.992% APR
20 Year Fixed Home Equity
5.75%5.762% APR
15 Year Fixed Home Equity
5.25%5.265% APR
10 Year Fixed Home Equity
4.75%4.771% APR
Residential Mortgage
Home Equity
Line of Credit
2.50% 2.50% APR

Special Notice

Winter Hill Bank is Upgrading Its Telecommunications

On Monday, April 21, 2014, Winter Hill Bank is upgrading its telecommunications systems to a new high speed system. This will mean that telephone access to the bank will be limited during the day while the conversion is being completed. Our direct telephone number, (617) 666-8600, will still be active, however, you may receive a busy tone if call demand is high. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but please keep in mind that we are undertaking this project so we may better serve our customers.

News April 2014

Winter Hill Bank is Aware of the "Heartbleed" Internet Bug

Winter Hill Bank is aware of the Heartbleed Internet bug that was recently disclosed in the media. This exploit allows unauthorized access to secure websites, possibly exposing usernames and passwords. Please be assured that our Internet Banking site was not impacted by the vulnerability and our website has been updated to eliminate any risk of compromise.